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Walkin Wheels Medium

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  • Street: 940 Julie Lane
  • City: South Lake Tahoe
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 96150
  • Listed: October 6, 2017 3:26 pm
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My corgi Halle had DM. She used the wheelchair for 8 months. It really improved her quality of life. It is in good condition and all parts are original with the exception of the velcro connector for the leg rings. This part is new. It comes with everything Walkin Wheels sent in the original box.

Size: Medium
Color: Blue
Fits Fold of Flank: 9″ -11″
Strut Wheel: 4″
Weight Recommendations: 25-69 lbs

Shipping within the continental U.S. is included in the price.

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15 Responses to “Walkin Wheels Medium”

  1. Hello,

    I am sorry to hear about you dog Halle.

    Our dog Sam I Am has hip dysplasia and was recently diagnosed with DM. Sam’s right leg is very week and his right foot knuckles a lot, now his left foot is startling to knuckle. Sam is a 45 lb Border Collie mix, but people say he looks more like an Aussie. Sam has to wear booties on his hind legs if he walks on sidewalk or pavement, but does pretty well so far when barefoot on grass. We are interested in getting him a cart before he looses the use of both his back legs. I don’t know if your cart would fit him, but from your description it sounds like it might. The wheels look smaller than the wheels I’ve seen on other carts (Eddie’s), So, we are wondering about that. We are also courious if your dog Halle was able to pee and poop while in the cart? This is not something that we have seen mentioned in our research.

    We live in Oakland California.

    Thank you.

    Kay & Anne

    • Sorry for the typos in our message above. Hopefully you got the gist of our message. Thanks!

    • Hi Kay &a Anne:
      Sorry to hear Sam I Am’s diagnosis. Did you do the DNA test? A lot of other things mimic DM and there is no actual test it’s a presumptive diagnosis once everything else has been ruled out. With DM there is no cure.

      On to the chair. Hal being a corgi the only wheels that they would put on her cart were the 4″. In order for this to work for Sam would be to replace the wheels. I did price them when I was getting her chair together and it was $40. I don’t know if it’s the same price after the chair is together. Everything else to expand the chair is there, length , width.
      This chair is designed so they can do their business. This is the reason I bought a new leg ring connector, this part gets dirty. I hand wash with mild soap wrap in a hand towel to get the water out and hang dry. I believe it’s a part that should be replaced for a new pet.

      If you’re thinking about buying this chair I would call Handicapped Pets and price the wheels. They were very helpful every time I called.They also have braces for the knuckling.

      You might want to pick up a copy of Corgi’s on Wheels. I know Sam I Am isn’t a corgi, but it is the best info on DM. Written by Bobby Mayer. She has had several DM dogs voluntarily. She runs a website Corgi’s on Wheels and helps secure chairs for those that can’t afford it. God bless her.

      I hope I answered all of your questions and I’ll try to send some photos.

  2. Hello. Do you still have the wheelchair?

  3. Hello,

    I received the photos of your girl Halle with her wheels – thank you! But I just saw your email reply today – thank you again!!

    It sounds like Halle’s cart would work for Sam – I will call Handicapped Pets and check on the wheels and the braces for knuckling as you suggest. I’m wondering how you decided on the Walkiin Wheels cart over other manufactures? Is there a particular feature that made the cart stand out?

    As far as Sam’s diagnosis, we noticed about a year ago that his right foot was pointing inward a bit when he walked. We had X-rays taken at that time which showed he had hip dysplasia in both hips (a total surprise to us and our vet). We treated with medications for inflammation and pain (even though he never seemed to be in pain), but his right leg continued to worsen – his right foot started to knuckle and we could see the muscle tone in the leg was deterioating. Once the knuckling started our vet suspected something neurological was happening as well. His DM diagnosis is the result of a full orthopedic exam/evaluation, then full neurological exam/evaluation, then MRI and spinal tap – that did not show disk problem or other possible causes for his symptoms. After this diagnostic process of ruling out, we did get the DM DNA test. Sam’s results: “AT RISK (those having 2 copies of the mutation and will likely show clinical signs.)”. Sam is only 10 years old, so he is not a young dog, but not really and old dog either. At this point he is still himself as far as his personality and demeanor, but he is slowly loosing his abitliy to control his rear legs.

    I’ve done quite a bit of research, and will check out “Corgi’s on Wheels” as you suggest – thank you for this information.

    At what point did you put Halle in her cart? We have heard varying options on when to introduce the cart. Sam’s right leg is getting pretty bad, and his left leg is getting worse with more consistent knuckling. As the left leg gets weaker, both legs get tangled around each other more. He is still able to walk barefoot pretty well on grass (which we are amazed by!). Because of this, we get him to a grassy park for his longer walk at least once each day. He also, still has the ability to run, which has happened a couple of random times when he gets excited about something (squirrel, another dog, etc.) – he doesn’t seem to notice that his rear legs are not working, and somehow manages to just propel himself forward.

    Thank you for your help.

    Kay & Anne

  4. Me again, I ment I just saw your written reply (not email) today on the website.

    • Hi Kay and Anne:
      I thought you might need some of the medical info in Corgi’s on Wheels, but you have it covered. Your vet sounds very good, between the three of you everything has been done for Sam as far as diagnosis.A lot of vets dont know much about DM so you and Sam are very lucky.
      Halle started with one foot slipping, so I took her in and was at first diagnosed with dysplasia. A couple of weeks later both feet would slip out from under her. I knew it wasn’t dysplasia and the testing started.
      I picked Walkin Wheels ,because, it’s adjustable, expandable (there is a kit to make it quad), they can go to the bathroom while in the chair, and it folds for transport.
      Halle gets anxious being measured, She was so nervous about getting her nails clipped she was prescribed something at the vet’s.They said 1/2 or 1 whole, but with her make it a whole. I couldn’t get all of the measurements. She was the first dog I had that didn’t like to be brushed. The first time I put a brush to her she made this horrible sound, as if I were killing her.
      She despised her wheelchair, to her it was a necessary evil she would only tolerate for walks. When the box arrived i told her this is for you, she was very excited until I put it together. I had made a pvc chair, previously, she took one look at it and I could see hee expression “It’s a wheelchair” and she wouldn’t go near it. The 4th day I decided it’s time. She had a great time, but was always grouchy about getting in and out, and it had to come off the minute she was in the door.
      As far as putting Sam or any other dog that has DM in a wheelchair the sooner the better. Halle had huge thighs, she was so fast, but even with the chair they wasted away. She always used her back legs, she never used the stirrups, she didn’t like them. She was fussy and stubborn.
      The longer they stay fit the better they will do. This disease works up the spine and does not stop, in us it’s called ALS. This was one of the reasons I liked the ability to expand to quad. I thought this was well designed, especially if your dog has a progressive disease like DM. I was hoping Sam didnt have it.
      The wheelchair was the best thing I could have done for Halle. It gave her back her quality of life.
      Thank You Kathy

  5. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you so much for sharing more information about Halle and your experience. She sounds like a wonderful companion with a heck of a lot of spirt! Your description of Halle and the nail trimming sounds just like our Sam. He’s also generally afraid of “wheeled” objects, like bikes and scooters, but we are hoping if the wheels are attached to him he will feel differently towards them. I called Handicapped Pets this morning and again this afternoon, but their message says “you have reached Handicapped Pets.com outside normal business hours”. I left a message for the cart department, but have not heard back. I will get back in touch as soon as they call me back. Do you know what size “Snap in Struts” Halle’s cart has. And have you modified the straps at all? We are feeling hopeful that Sam can benefit from a cart.

    Thank you again!


  6. & Anne

    • Hi Kay :
      I haven’t made any modifications, just up keep.

      I think Sam will be good with wheels that let him run and play. The cart really did bring us back to a more normal life. Once in the chair she forgot all about it and when I’d get it ready she was very excited, but she didn’t like the idea of needing one.

      For the Size you would measure from the fold of the flank to the floor and tell them what size wheels you want. They take care of the rest. Halle was 9″. Her carts height was 9″-11″ I think, it’s in the info on the add. I’m sure Sam needs more height and I know he’ll need the larger wheels.

      It comes with the booklet, dvd, stirrups, belly band, ( we have up on the belly band) it’s sometimes used for dogs with long backs.
      I don’t think Sam will need them, but they go with the package. I do have a pair of boots that would probably fit Sam. I ordered the wrong size. Halle wore them twice, but she did have foot drag, so two of them have Shoe Goo to seal them up. I’ll be happy to send them if you like.
      I tried to email directly once, when my P/W wasn’t working but it failed. I’m guessing embedded code.
      Anyway let me know. Thank you Kathy

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