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Large Pet Wheelchair

Hi, I am looking for a large pet wheelchair that would work for a 160 lb pet.



Rear wheels for Mastif 130 lbs

Need affordable wheels for mastif 130 lbs.




I need a wheelchair for my best friend a blue heeler that is 9 yrs 3 months or breaks my heart that she cannot walk […]



Beautiful Boxer needs Medium/Large 12″ struts and 12″ wheels

Hello! Our beautiful rescue dog, Bella, is almost 12 years old has degenerative myelopathy. She has very little use of her back legs at this […]

Posting A Wheelchair Ad

****The number of people posting fraud ads have caused us to require some type of proof of purchase for Wheelchairs.****

If you have posted a Wheelchair ad, please contact us HERE with one of the following:

1. If you purchased the wheelchair from HandicappedPets.com or any site associated with Handicappedpets just give us your name and the approximate date of purchase.

2. If you purchased the wheelchair elsewhere you can send us a copy (or a photo) of your invoice, sales receipt, or other document that proves you bought a wheelchair.

Buy A New Dog Wheelchair

Buy A New Dog Wheelchair at HandicappedPets.com

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