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Brand New – Never Used Medium/Large Dog Wheelchair – Blue 09-12...

We purchased a Walkin Wheels for our 14 year old labrador, but given her arthritis in her front legs it didn’t work for her. We […]



Medium pink walkin’wheels with front wheel quad

Can be used as 2 or 4 wheel cart,includes all ordinal parts plus rear walking harness,video ,instruction manual.used as 2 wheel until my 15 year […]



wheelchair kit / camo / 12″ wheels and 12″ strut

We bought this for my 17 year old shepard mix to help him get around for $463.99. We never got the chance to get him […]

corgi cart


Camo, 6 in. strut, 4 in. wheels, Flank-fold measurement for Corgi at 9 in.

Used one time. Dog is a rescue from an abusive situation and does not tolerate the manipulation required to get him into or out of […]

We hope that these wheels give your pup back their mobility the same way it did ours.


Medium Blue, Height 15 to 18 inches < 65 lbs 12" strut 8" whee...

We paid $425 in November 2015. Medium Blue, Height 15 to 18 inches < 65 lbs 12″ strut 8″ wheels We hope that these wheels […]

unnamed (2)


Reliable Blue Large, leg height 19-22″, 16″ wheels

Blue Large Frame, Great for GDS that love to run! Fits fof: 19″-22″, 16″ wheels and 12″ struts for dogs over 70 lbs.



High Quality,Medium Blue, fof:17-20″, 12″ wheels

Great for Boxers, Labs or dogs under 70 lbs. with fof: 17-20″ Has 12″ strut with 12″ wheels for all terrain Shipping is $25.00 in […]



Adorable Small, Blue, Doxy Chair, dogs under 20 lbs

Looks Brand New, fits most Dachshunds, has 4″ wheels with 6″ struts, fold of flank 3-8″ Shipping usually is $25.00 anywhere in the USA

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